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Kobus Meyburgh

Kobus Meyburgh

Strategic Thinker and 


I really like what I do, and I really like working with people like you. You’re probably checking us out because you want to understand us better, and that’s exactly the business we’re in – getting more understanding.


I’ll help you unpack ideas, play to find alternatives, facilitate new perspectives. You have the answers, I play a role in giving it air, and perhaps even something new can emerge… it’s something we explore together.


I can help you with strategic workshops using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method or others, coach you or your team on the psychology of ideas, working together as a team, unlocking potential and just being more present…which is a far better place to spend your valuable time. Let’s connect and do something great!

“It is the great destiny of human science, not to ease man’s labors or prolong his life, noble as those ends may be nor to serve the ends of power, but to enable man to walk upright without fear in a world which he at length will understand and which is his home.”


– Paul B. Sears

Celeste Meyburgh

Celesté Meyburgh

Registered Counsellor and Psychometrist

Hello! I’m so glad you landed here. You have a pulse and a personality, right? I like you already. My fascination with people started years ago. Still too young to legally be a waitress, I spent long Friday nights clearing tables and watching people. No, not creepy. Just curious. I still spend my days observing, interacting with and learning about people. I just get paid more. I picked up some skills along the way and nowadays I’m in the business of cultivating understanding. Because world peace… 

It brings me great joy to be a part of a process where you see yourself and others in a new light. Chances are, when we meet, I’ll be fascinated by you; your perceptions, experiences and ideas. I’m so excited for us to put our heads together. With your lived experience and my penchant for possibilities, a breakthrough is bound to happen! Here’s to new perspectives, novel solutions and deeper understanding.

“Understanding comes through communication, and through understanding we find the way to peace.”


– Ralph C. Smedley

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