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When purpose and play collide

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Do you ever feel like corporate purpose statements are devoid of personality? As if it’s a statement that looks good on paper, or more typical on a wall, but it’s not something that is easy to play with, to make real, or to relate to. I’ve found the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method the ideal way to give life and 3-dimensions to what can sometimes be an inane phrase. The power lies in the story behind what is built, it is the metaphors that give meaning. And we’re wired for meaning. It makes us connect to something outside of us, while it resonates with something within.

Play also has the benefit of expressing meaning, even when play, in its purest sense, doesn’t demand formal goals or purposeful outcomes. Play breaks down the inflated “should’s” and “have-to”-meanings. You can let play take you to subconscious places and reveal what you truly feel and display the associations that make sense to you.

So, when you combine the opportunity to reflect on purpose through the act of play, you can get to the true lived experience, making it human and less generic. You can literally play your way to better understanding!

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